1. STUDY OF PAST: Prehistoric Age: Indian History periods, Sources, Indian history,  Culture.  Pre – History : The Evaluation of Life on Earth, Evolutionary stages of Human beings, Tools  and implements, Economic life, Legacy of prehistory, Impact of Iron age on the Growth of  Civilization.  Historical background: Growth and development of Early Cultures and Racial synthesis  Characteristic features of Indian History - Various Stages of Development  2. HARAPPA CULTURE AND ARYAN CIVILIZATION  Early and Later Vedic Civilization- Jainism- Buddhism  3. INDIA B.C 200-300 A.D:Andhra Satavahanas- Mouryan Empire- Sangam Age- Maghadha-  Kushans Empire- Parsian, Greek invasion  4. MEDIEVAL PERIOD IN INDIA: 300 A.D - 800 A.D: Guptha, Harshavardhana, Pallavas  ,Chalukyas , Indian Culture abroad ,the Arab conquests of Sindh.  800 A.D-1300 A.D: Political developments, Rise of new dynasties, Administration of important  dynasties  1206 A.D - 1526 A.D: Delhi Sultans, General conditions of Delhi Sultanate, Fall of Delhi  Sultanate, Vijayanagara Empire, Bhakti movement, Development of National consciousness,  Influence of Islam and Christianity  Advent of Mughals, Advent of Europeans  Fall of the Mughal Empire  5. INDIA AND THE MODERN WORLD  Trade and Colonization, Beginning of the Modern age in Europe, Outline history of world,  Major developments and their impact on India  6. ESTABLISHMENT OF BRITISH RULE IN INDIA AND REVOLTS AGAINST  BRITISH RULE - INDIA DURING 1858 – 1947: Political, Economic and Social Policies of  British - British Policy towards Indian Princes British Policy towards neighboring countries,  Changes in Economic and Social sectors  Agriculture, Famines in India between 1858 -1947,Transport facilities, Beginning of modern  Industries, Rise of new classes in Indian society, Religious and social reform movements and  Cultural awakening , Movements among Muslims for Social reforms  7. RISE OF NATIONALISM - FREEDOM MOVEMENT: Meaning of Nationalism and  Emergence of Indian Nationalism, India’s freedom Movement, Factors and Forces-Political  Associations, Early phase of Freedom Movement from 1885-1905, Freedom Movement during  1905 -1919, Indian Freedom Movement and the World -1935 Act and Provincial Ministries -  Freedom Movement during World War II, Gandhian Era 1920-1947 

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