PEDAGOGY (Marks: 06) 
1. Aspects of English:- (a) English language – History, nature, importance, principles of 
English as second language. (b) Problems of teaching / learning English. 
2. Objectives of teaching English. 
3. Phonetics / Transcription. 
4. Development of Language skills:- (a) Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing (LSRW). 
(b) Communicative skills – Imparting values through Communication. 
5. Approaches, Methods, Techniques of teaching English:- (a) Introduction, definition & 
types of Approaches, Methods &Techniques of teaching English (b) Remedial teaching. 
6. Teaching of structures and vocabulary. 
7. Teaching learning materials in English. 
8. Lesson Planning. 
9. Curriculum & Textbooks – Importance and its need. 
10. Evaluation in English language. 

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