1) . List four fields of psychological studies and describe one in detail.

Answer: 1) Physiological psychology
2) Congnitive psychology
3) Comparative psychology
4) Developmental psychology
5) Social psychology
6) Personality psychology
7) Clinical psychology
8) Educational psychology
9) Industrial psychology
10) Counselling psychology
(List any four and describe any one in detail. )5. What is a Psychological test?
Answer: Tests are standardized tools to assess individual differences in areas like ability,
aptitude, personality etc.
2. When the retinal image changes with distance, our perception does not change.
Answer:Due to size constancy, because the perceived size remains constant, either perceive it
closely or from the distance.

3. Which types of job will you suggest for a ‘Realistic’ person and why? Give at least one
 Answer:Mechanic, engineer, electrician, tool designer etc. because they have good motor
coordination skills.
4. What is long-term memory?
Answer:Long Term Memory system is the memory system for the tetention of large amount
of information for long periods of time.
5. Praveen is a good athlete but for some time he is feeling low and his performance is
deteriorating. Suggest any two ways to improve his performance.
 Answer: Any two relevant reasons.
6. Illustrate, with an example, how reward can increase job satisfaction.
 Answer:Any relevant example
7. What is the role of family as a social unit? Explain briefly.
Answer:Role of family as a social unit
- advantages of family
8. Briefly explain the importance of brain and its function.
Answer:Structure of brain and brief description of
(i) Brainstem and cerebellum  iv
(ii) Limbic system
(iii) Cerebrum
(iv) Cortical lobes
9. “Yoga is a way of life”. Explain the statement.
Answer: Explanation of the usefulness of Yoga as away of life-vetuces stress, helps in achieving
physical and mental health.
10. Analyze human being as organism.
Answer: Description of the human being as a product of person-environment system.
11. What is development? List the various stages of human development.  
Answer:Development is the process by which organisms grow and change systematically over the
entire life period. Stages of human development.
(a) Pre natal (b) Infancy (c) Early childhood (e) Middle childhood (f) Early
adulthood (g) Middle adulthood (h) Old age

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