1) Describe organizational climate and name any of its two determinants.
Answer: Organizational climate is a set of characteristics that describes an organization, 
distinguishes one organization from the other, are relatively enduring and influence the 
behaviour of people in the organization. 
Determinants – Organizational structure, technology, texternel environment, management 
policies and practices. 

2. Explain any one model of human environment interaction.
(1) Man subjugated to nature  
(2) Man over nature 
(3) Symbiotic relationship between man and nature. (any one model) 

3). Give any two differentiation between depressants and stimulants.
Answer:(1) Depresant reduce behavioural output and activity is CNS. 
(2) Large doses can result in paralysis of the brain centers. 
(1) Stimulants induce feelings of energy and activation 
(2) Raise blood pressure and heart rate and result is emotional crash. 

4). Explain the role of environmental influences on pre-natal development.
Answer:Explanation of the role of environmental influences of prenatal development

5). What is motivation? Explain the Indian thought on motivation.
Answer: ● Concept of motivation, need and instincts 3 
● The four main categories of goal directed behaviour in Indian thought namely 
 Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha
20. Analyze the effect of group on performance and risk taking behaviour.
Answer:Performance is facilitated, increased arousal, People take greater risk while 4 
working in a group. 

6). Illustrate with examples the uses and abuses of propaganda and rumour.
Answer: Propoganda – Meaning and uses, 

7). Why is Yoga important for self-development? Discuss.
Answer: Importance of Yoga for self development.
8). Explain the concept of Panch Kosha. Explain any one in detail.
Answer: Human personality is made up of five koshas-Annamaya, Pranamaya, Monomaya, 
Vijnanmaya, Andandmaya, kosha. 
(Explain any one in detail) 
9). Illustrate with example the importance of aged people for our society.
Answer: (i) Cultural transmission is facilitated  v
(ii) Repertoire of knowledge and wisdom. Illustrate with example
10). Explain time management as a strategy for mental health.
Answer: Various effects and process of time management. 

11). What is conflict? Explain the various forms of conflict, 
Answer: Conflict represent situations involving dilemmas, preferences and demands which cannot 
be handled simultaneously. The various forms of conflict are: 

(b) Approach – Approach conflict 
(c) Avoidance – Avoidance conflict 
(d) Approach – Avoidance conflict 
(e) Multiple Approach – Avoidance conflict 
(Description of all the four types of conflicts) 
12). Describe any two Indian perspectives in understanding human nature.
Answer: Description of the main ideas of 
(i) Vedantic 
(ii) Jain 
(iii) Buddhist 
(iv) Sufi 
(any two) 

13) Distinguish between the sources of environmental stress and consequences of environmental stress.
 Answer:Sources of environmental stress are demands made by environmental factors on the 
process and consequence is the person’s response to those demands. 

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