1. You have to make a phone call and you ask your friend for the phone number. Which type of memory can help you remember the number for a short period. 
(a) Long term memory 
(b) Short term memory 
(c) Sensory memory 
(d) Non of the above 

Answer: Short Term Memory

2. Which one of the following is an attribute of well-being. 
(a) Negative thinking 
(b) Ethical conduct 
(c) Generation gap 
(d) None of the above

Answer: Ethical Conduct

3. The two factor theory of intelligence was proposed by 

A Spearman 
B Wechsler 
C Piaget 
D Binet 

4. Intelligent Quotient is 

a) IQ = Chronological age (CA) x 100 
 Mental age (MA) 
b) IQ = Mental age (MA) x 100 
 Chronological age (CA) 
c) IQ = Chronological age (CA) x 100 
 Mental age (MA 
d) IQ = Developmental age (DA) x100 
 Chronological age (CA) 

5. “Child should be treated as child” - was said by 

a) Wechsler 
b) Binet 
c) Roussoue 
d) Gagne 

Answer: Wechsler

6. The animal used for the experiment on operant conditioning byskinner is 
a)  Donkey 
 b) Dog 
c) Rat
d)  Pigeon 

Answer: Rat.

7. Which one of the following pair is correct 
a)  Kohler – Insight learning 
b)  Thorndike – Operant conditioning 
c) Pavlov – Operant or Emitted responses 
d) Skinner – Law of learning 

Answer: Skinner – Law of learning 

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