1. This Committee at the grass root levels has the power to conduct an enquiry when school Children undergo sexual harassment
(1) Teachers Committee
(2) School Development committee
(3) Enquiry Committee
(4) Civic Amenities Committee

2. This is a strategy to bring back to schools out of school girls
(1) Kooliyinda Shalege
(2) Ba Marali Shalege
(3) Ba Bale Shalege
(4) Where migration there school

3. 'Samudayadatta Shale' programme
(1) attracts the community towards the school
(2) reflects teachers and parents relucatance
(3) is a burden on the teachers
(4) tries to go the community and impresses upon the community about the school pupils and their learning levels

4. 'Keli Kali' programme
(1) is a children's radio programme
(2) removes monotony of the classroom
(3) has no listerners
(4) is an entertaining programme

5. This is one of the objectives of KSQAO
(1) making an objective analysis of quality evalution at the school education level
(2) creating competitive spirit among the schools
(3) making teachers to focus more on results
(4) Strenghthening quality controls

6. Children who could not get formal education can learn
(1) through postal lessons
(2) study at home
(3) through National open school
(4) by paying visit to the Tutorial centre

7. The recommendations of this committee is instrumental in establishment of SDMCs in Karnataka State.
(1) Prof. Yashpal Committee
(2) Prof. Nanjundappa Committee
(3) Dr. Rajaramanna Committee
(4) Sarojini Mahishi Committee

8. People have these feelings about SDMCs
(1) more importance given to civi works
(2) SDMCs in the hands of influential people
(3) has developed the spirit of school ownership among people
(4) it is more intersted in controlling teachers

9. Minimum levels of learning means
(1) bare minimum subjects are learnt
(2) it is enough if a handful of pupils learn
(3) a programme which specifies the levels of learnings of the pupils
(4) an attempt to make 80% of the pupils to learn 80% of the competencies preserved
10. Evalution at the lower primary level is as follows:
(1) Comprehensive lesson evalution
(2) Continuous and comprehensive evalution
(3) Competency based continuous and comprehensive evalution
(4) None of these

11. The name of the computer education programme that was launched by Govt. of Karnataka.
(1) Schoolnet
(3) Mahitisindu
(4) CLAss

12. The objective of oral evaluation is
(1) asking a few oral questions
(2) assessment of pupils self confidence and self expression
(3) to maintain discipline in the class
(4) theatening children by asking difficult questions

13. This is one of the special feartures of school computer education
(1) opportunity to learn in Kannada too
(2) opportunity to learn in Kannada and English
(3) opportunity to learn only in English
(4) opportunity to learn in Hindi

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