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1. This is one of the important objectives of in service educstion
(1) spending money allocated
(2) organizing programmens to fulfill the condition that 20 days of in service education mandatory to the teachers
(3) developing competencies among the teahers so that they play multiple roles in the modern context
(4) getting training frequently is compulsory

2. The advocate of Action research
(1) BF Skinner
(2) Stephen Corey
(3) Edward Debono
(4) Stephen Hawking

3. The president of Karnataka State Teachers Welfare Fund
(1) Chief Minister
(2) Finance Minister
(3) Education Minister
(4) Social Welfare Minister

4. Action reserch means
(1) Fundamental research
(2) active research
(3) a kind of a research to find solution to the problem
(4) an attempt to find scientific solutions to day to day problems of education

5. The solution provided by action research is
(1) temporary
(2) permanent
(3) not at all a solution
(4) useless

6. Motivation is enhanced by
(1) teacher’s interest in the topic
(2) parent’s interest in the learner
(3) interactive instructional material
(4) neutral environment

7. The purpose of 'Keli-Kali' programme
(1) making school children to listen to radio
(2) entertaining childrren
(3) meaningful use of popular media in education
(4) giving training to teachers

8. Binet and Simon developed tests for children which enabled the examiner to determine their
(1) educational age
(2) mental age
(3) chronological age
(4) assumed age

9. primary teeth start falling and permanent teeth begin to erup around the age of
(1) six
(2) nine
(3) three
(4) two

10. "Educational Adminis
(1) Ordway Tead
(2) Graham Balfour
(3) Oliver Sheldon
(4) Luther Gullicl

11. nAch Stands for
(1) need for satisfaction
(2) need for achievement
(3) gap in knowledge
(4) external prompt

12. Hand preference fully develops in young children at the age of
(1) 6 years
(2) 4 years
(3) 3 years
(4) 2 years

13. Action researcher
(1) applies readymade solutions
(2) waits for others to find solutions to the problems
(3) finds solutions at the earliest
(4) indulges in a long term research

14. Scholarships are awarded to those who qualify NTSE at the State level
(1) State Student Welfare Fund
(2) National Teachers Welfare Fund
(3) Management of Schools
(4) Social Welfare Dept.

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