Secondary School Assistant Masters Grade II and Physical Education Grade I for the year 2014-15 Recruitment

Unit 1: Place of English in India – importance of English in present scenario
Unit 2: The Nature of language: meaning, definitions and functions, principles of
language teaching.
Unit3: problems of teaching and learning English.
Unit 4: Aims and objectives of teaching English.
Unit 5: Phonetic transcriptions
Unit 6: development of language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing
Units 6: Approaches, methods and techniques of teaching English.
a) Direct method, definition, principles, merits and demerits.
b) Bilingual method – definition, principles, merits and demerits.
c) Structural approach, definition, selection and gradation of structures,
advantages and disadvantages.
d) Communicative approach- meaning, definition role of teacher,
advantages and disadvantages.
e) Constructivism – meaning and use in teaching English.
f) Remedial teaching.

Unit 7: teaching of vocabulary, grammar.
Unit 8: Use of teaching learning materials in teaching English.
Unit 9: lesson planning, importance – a) difference between unit plan and lesson plan.
b) lesson plan for prose, poetry and composition
Unit 10: importance of text book and its need, principles to be followed in preparing a
text book.
Unit 11: principles of curriculum according to NCF 2009.
Unit 12: Evaluation in English teaching – construction of unit test and importance of
blue print.
Unit 13: importance and use of study skills.

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