Political Science Syllabus for 8 – 10

Meaning and importance of Political Science – Different Definitions
Citizen and citizenship – Meaning, Difference between Citizen & Alien. Measures to acquire
Indian citizenship – Methods – Citizen and Government
Democracy – Different types of government – Meaning – types and features of Democracy,
Merits and Demerits – Characteristics – Universal adult franchise, Election and process of
election – Political parties – Right to information
Local self government – Meaning – Aims and Functions, Composition of local self governing
bodies, GramaSabha –GramaPanchayat, TalukPanchayat, zillapanchayat – Urban local bodies
– MahanagaraPalike. Karnataka Panchayat Raj System, Divisions of Local government.
Our Constitution – Constituent assembly – Drafting Committee – Formation of Constitution,
Preamble of our Constitution, Features of Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights and Duties,
Directive Principles of State Policy – Independent Judiciary system – Different Writs
Central Government – Legislature, Rajyasabha – Loksabha, Functions, Central Executive –
President, Powers of President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Judiciary – Supreme Court and
High Court – Qualification – functions and powers – Emergency power
State Government – Legislature, Membership – Functions and Powers, State Executive –
Powers and Functions, Councils of Ministers, State courts and functions, Lokadalat
Defence of the country- Divisions of the Defence system, Army – Navy – Air-force – Defence
production, Defence – Research Development, Second line of Defence – Central Guards, B S
F , Civil Defence, Home guards, Red Cross – Armed forces and International Peace
National Integration – Meaning of Nationality – Unity in Diversity – Factors to promote National
Integration – Problems hindering national integration
Problems of India and Remedies – Communalism, Regionalism, Illiteracy, Corruption, Status of
the Women, Economic inequality, Over Population, Poverty, Profiteering, Smuggling –
Measures to check Problems
Foreign policy of India – objectives, Fundamental factors of Indian foreign policy
India’s relation with other countries – India with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,
Russia, U S A
World problems and India’s role – Denial of Human Rights, Race of armaments Economic
Inequality, Racism, Terrorism
World Organizations – U N O, Aims and objectives of U N O, Organs and Functions of U N O,
Achievements of U N O, Specialized agencies of U N O – Regional Co-Operation.
Commonwealth of Nations – SAARC – European Union – ASEAN – Aims and Achievements of

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