Arts Teacher
Social Science syllabus for recruitment of High School Teachers
– (for 8th, 9th & 10th )
Sources- Literary- Native & Foreign, Archaeological- Inscriptions, Numismatics,
Monuments, Oral traditions, Anecdotes
Physical features of India & Pre historic times
Ancient civilizations of India - Harappan culture, Vedic times, Later Vedic times
Ancient civilizations of the World- Egyptian Civilization, Mesopotamian civilization,
Chinese civilization, Greek, Roman & American civilization,
Rise of New Religions in India- Jainism- Parshwanatha, VardhamanaMahaveera
Teachings.Buddhism- Buddha & his teachings.
Greek invasion, Mauryas- Chandra Gupta Maurya, Kautilya, Ashoka- Mauryan
administration. Kushans

The Guptas- Samudra Gupta, Golden age of Guptas. Vardhanas& their contributions.
South India- Shatavahanas- Contributions, Kadambas- Contributions, GangasContributions.Chalukyas
of Badami- Contributions, Pallavas of Kanchi – Contributions
Rashtrakutas- Contributions, Kalyanichalukyas, Basaveswara – contributions. Cholascontributions,
Hoysalas of Dwarasamudra- Contributions
Christianity and Islam- Jesus Christ- Christianity –Teachings- Spread of
Christianity. Islam Religion-Mohammad Paigambar-Teachings-Regulations-Spread of
Europe in the Middle ages- Feudalism-Merits & Demerits-Decline ofFeudalism
Merits & Demerits- Decline of Feudalism
India From 9th to 14th century A.D-Rise of Rajputs-Different dynasties- Important
rulers, Contributions towards Art-Architecture and Literature.
Rise of Turkish Dynasties-Mohammad Ghazani-Mohammad Ghori-DelhiSultanateSlave
Dynasty-QutubdinAibak.Iltmash-Balban-Khilji rulers-AllauddinKhilji- Tuglaq
Dynasty-Ghigas-ud-din Tughlaq-Mohammad BinTughlaq-Feroz Shah Tuglaq- Sayyed
Dynasty-Mohammad Shah-LodhiDynasty-Bahlul-Sikander-Ibrahim LodiContributions of
DelhiSultanate-Administration-Arts & Architecture-Literature-Social System-Military
Religious Reformers of India-Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya-MadhwacharyaBasaveshwara
their works-Philosophy-Teachings-literary development.
Vijayanagara –Sangama-Saluva-Tuluva-Aravidu Dynasty-Rulers-Contributions
towards-Society-Literature-Art Architecture-military achievementsAdministration
Bahamani Dynasty-Rulers-contributions-Education Art & Architecture.
The Moghlus& Marathas-Moghul Rulers-Extension of Kingdom AdministrationRevenueSystem
Contributions towards literature-Art andArchitecture- PaintingShivaji
and Moghuls-Administration-Revenue System-Judiciary-Military-Peshwas
Bhakti Movement-Leaders-Ramanand-Chaitanya –Gurunanak-Kabir-MeerabaiSufi
Saints their works-teachings and impact.
Modern Europe-Renaissance-features-important Scientists-Birth of modern
Science- Geographical Discoveries-Navigators-Religious Reformation-MartinLutherResults
of Reformation-Counter Reformation, Ignatius Loyola-Industrial RevolutionInventions-Results
Revolutions and Rise of Nation States-American war of Independence-Causescourse-Results.The
French Revolution-causes-course-Results- Napoleon BonaparteCongress
of Vienna Unification of Italy-Mazzini-Garibaldi-Count Cavour. Unification of
The Advent of Europeans to India-The Portuguese-The Dutch-The French- The
English .-Robert Clive-Duplex- Carnatic Wars-Battle of Plassey, Battle of Buxar
Anglo-Mysore wars-Haider Ali &Tippu Sultan Different Treaties-AngloMarathaWars-Results-Anglo
Sikh wars-Results.Different Governors-Governor Generals
-Establishment of British Empire.
British Administration and its effects-Subsidiary Alliance-Trade
CapitalismIndustrial Capitalism-Constitutional Development- A D 1773 to A D 1947
Socio-Religious Reform Movement-Reformers-Rajaram Mohan Roy, Swami
DayanandaSaraswathi, AtmaramPandurang, M.G.Ranade, JyotibaPhule, Sir Syed
Ahmed Khan, Annie Besant, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda , Annie
Besant, NarayanaGuru
The First War of Indian Independence-causes-course-Results-Failure of theRevolt
Effects of the British Rule in India-Administration-Economic impactRevenueSystems-impact
on Transport and Communication-Educational impactJournalism.
The Freedom struggle-Different phases-Moderates-Extremists-RevolutionariesGandhian
Era Quit India Movement-Farmers and Laborers Revolts-Tribal movementsPartition
of India-Indian Independence.
India after Independence-Various Problems-Refugees-Communal riots
Integration of Ministry Status-Linguistic formation of States.
Political Dimensions of the 20th Century-Emergence of USA, USSR, China
&Japan. I & II World War-Causes-Course-Results Cold War-Disintegration of USSR

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