Sociology Syllabus for 8 – 10
Man and Society – Man is a Social Animal, Socialization, Men and Language, Important
Socialists – Herbart Spencer, Maxwebber, Karl Marx, Emily Derkim.
Man and Culture – Meaning of the Culture, Cultural differences, Traditions – Customs
Sociology in Daily Life – Types of the Society. Hunters and food collectors Society –
Animal Husbandry’s Society – Farmers Society – Industrial Society – Features of these
Family – Meaning of the family, Features of a family, Types of Family
Socialization and Relation of Family – Meaning and importance of Socialization,
Factors influencing Socialization – Agents of Socialization – Family – Peers – Religion
– School – Mass Media – Neighborhood
Towns and other communities – Meaning characteristics of Town, Industrialization and
Urbanization, Rural Community and its features, Tribal community and its features
Social Stratification – Meaning of Social Stratification – Kinds – Discrimination,
Untouchability – Different Acts
Work and Economic Life – Meaning of labour, Division of labour and classes, paid work
and unpaid work, Labour discrimination, Unemployment and Remedies, Organized and
Unorganized Workers – Their problems

Collective Behaviors and Protests – Mobs, Riots, Movements – Chipko Movement,
Appiko Movement, Narmada movement, Silent Valley movement, Agitation against
Kaiga, Women’s self help Groups.
Social Problems – Problem of Child labour, Constitutional provisions, Harassment of
Women, Dowry, Female Foeticide and Female Infanticide – Causes – Measures taken
to prevent them
Business organizations - Business organization in the private sector, Business
organization in the public sector, Joint sector business organization, Public utilities,
Meaning of small scale business organization, Types of small scale business
organization - Sole trading concerns(Features, Advantages,
Disadvantages),Partnership Firms - Types of partners(Active partners, Sleeping
partners, Nominal partners, Minor partners, Merits, Demerits, Registration, Advantages
of Registration, Hindu undivided family firms (Concerns).
LARGE SCALE BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS - Meaning of Large scale business
organization, Importance of Large scale business organizations are - Co-operative
societies (Features, Types, Advantages, Demerits), Joint stock companies, Types,
Promotion, Registration, Capital subscription, Merits, Demerits, Multinational
companies-Features, Advantages for Home country, Advantages for depending or host
country, Demerits, Government undertakings, Public sector undertaking, Public utilities,
Stock Exchanges,

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