Read the following passage and choose the right answer for the questions 1 -10
According to Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan of enormous strength. After being defeated by the god Zeus, Atlas was forced to carry the earth and the sky for eternity. In depictions of Altas, he is shown as a stooped figure carrying the globe on his shoulders. Because of his association with globe, maps began to be decorated with this image of Atlas. Accordingly, the word 'Atlas' became a nickname for a collection of maps. Today, an atlas refers to any book that consists of a bound collection of maps. For example, an atlas can be made up of maps of the countries of the world ... Sometimes an atlas will also contain graphs and charts with other statistical information about religion, temperature, languages or population of a given area.

1. As used in the passage, which is the best synonym for 'accordingly'?
A. consequently
B. however
C. logically
D. naturally

2. Atlas supported the earth and the sky because
A. he was a titan of enormous strength
B. he was punished after losing to Zeus
C. he was associated with maps and globes
D. he was a slave to the god Zeus

3. This passage focuses on …………
A. Greek mythology B. culture, religion and climate of certain areas
C. how the term 'atlas' has been evolved D. the enormous strength of Atlas

4. Based on the passage, it can be inferred that the additional charts and graphs in an atlas can include
information about
I. Major languages
II. Average temperatures
III. Historical events

A. I and II only
B. II and III only
C. I only
D. I, II and III

5. Find the odd pair out
A. books - library
B. people - population
C. maps - atlas
D. graphs - charts

6. Which of the following words from the passage is closer in meaning to 'gigantic'?
A. Atlas
B. Zeus
C. Titan
D. Globe

7. In the above passage, the word 'stoop' means
A. stand straight
B. to kneel down
C. to bend one's shoulder
D. having the arms backwards

8. The boy swam ...................the river
A. above
B. across
B. under
C. over

9. A teacher may adopt the following educational approach for Children with Special Needs (CWSN)
A. Small sized classroom
B. Special curriculum
B. Special teaching methods
D. Adapted curriculum

10. Factors that affect Language learning include.
A. age and attitude only
B. age and aptitude only
C. age, attitude and aptitude
D. age, maturity and health condition.

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