Business Studies Syllabus for Teachers Exam

Business Studies Syllabus for Graduate Primary School Teachers for Classes 6 to 8 for SOCIAL SCIENCE

Paper II
Business Studies
 Evaluation and growth of Commerce-Economic Activity, Exchange, Commerce
in 21st century, Globalization.
 Business- Trade, Industry and Services, Business Ethics and Social
Responsibilities, Marketing Management, Banking Operations, Insurances,
 Formation of Small and Large Scale Business Organization.
 MARKETING -Meaning of marketing, Functions of marketing - Buying and
assembling, Transportation, Selling, Storage and warehousing, Market research,
Standardization, Grading, Branding, Insurance, Importance of marketing,
Standard of living, Consumer satisfaction, Employment opportunity, Resources,
International marketing, Economic development, Marketing Mix - Meaning of
marketing mix, Importance of marketing mix, Four forces of marketing mix,
Product mix, Price mix, Production mix, Place mix, Meaning of distribution
channel, Types of distribution channel - Direct distribution or direct selling,
Indirect distribution or indirect selling - Producer – Retailer – Consumer,
Producer – Wholesaler – Retailer – Consumer, Producer – Agent - Wholesaler –
Retailer – Consumer, Producer – Wholesaler – Consumer, Consumer rights and
the functions of consumer forums - Meaning of consumer, Functions of
consumer - Consumer protection, Consumer rights, Consumer protection acts
rights - Right to be protected, Right to information, Right to choice, Right to be
heard, Right to seek redressal, Right to consumer education, Right to stop
exploitation, Right to healthy environment, Consumer disputes redressal
agencies - District forum, The state commission, The national commission

Exam Structure
Section 1 – Multiple Choice Questions
Marks – 50
Duration – 1 hour
Section 2 - Short and Long answer type questions
Marks – 100
Duration – 2 hours

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