Geography Syllabus for Primary School Teachers Exam 2017- Karnataka

Geography Syllabus for Graduate Primary School Teachers for Classes 6 to 8 for SOCIAL SCIENCE

Paper II
 Our Mother Planet- Earth, Solar System, Latitudes and longitudes Major Land
forms, Climate and Vegetation. Time Zones, International Date line.
 Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Natural Resources, Human
Resources-Poverty and Hunger
 Karnataka –Location, Size, Geography, Physiographic divisions, Climate,
Water resources, Land Resources, Mineral Resources and it’s distributions.
 Transportation-Roads, Railway, Air transport, Water transport- Ports.
 Asia-Land of Contrast, Europe-Peninsula of Asia, Africa-Central Continent,
North America-Land of Prairies, South America Land of Andies, AustraliasFlattest
Continent, Antarctica-White Continent.
 Industries-Major industries like Iron & Steel, Cotton Textiles-Sugar-PaperCement-
Industrial Regions-Information Technology-its centers. Major
Industries of India-Industrial regions-Factors of Location and Industries,
Important Industries– Knowledge based Industries - IT -BT & AT
 Major Tourist Centers-National Cultural Centers-Wildlife SanctuariesHistorical
Places and Forts
 Population-Size-Growth-Destiny-Sex Ratio Age -Literacy Ratio
 Monsoon Seasons-features-Soils of India-Types of Soils-Soil Erosion-CausesEffects
and Conservation-Soil management
 National Vegetation-Distribution of forests-Conservation of Forests-Wild life
 Natural Disasters – Cyclones – Causes – Effects – Preventive Measures –
Floods – Causes – effects – measures to Control – Landslide – Causes – Effects
– Coastal Erosion – Causes – effects – Control. Earthquakes – Causes – Effects
– measures to Control

Exam Structure
Section 1 – Multiple Choice Questions
Marks – 50
Duration – 1 hour
Section 2 - Short and Long answer type questions
Marks – 100
Duration – 2 hours

Click here to download Geography Syllabus in pdf. format

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