Syllabus for Graduate Primary School Teachers for Classes 6 to 8

Paper II
 Number Sysyem - Place value, Expanded form, Basic operation, Simplification, Natural,
whole, integer, rational, irrational and real numbers, Square and cubic numbers, Square and
cube roots, Playing with numbers, HCF, LCM, fundamental theorem of arithmetic, Ratio
and Proportion, Comparing Quantities.
 Surds - Definition, Basic operation, Simplification, Binomial surds, Rationalisation of
 Sets - Properties, Types, Laws, Venn diagram, Cardinality of sets, Relations and
 Progressions - Sequence and series, AP, GP and HP, Means.
 Commercial Mathematics - Unitary method, Percentage, Profit and loss, Brokerage,
Commission, Simple interest, Compound interest, Discount, Hire purchase and instalment
 Statistics
Class interval and types, Graphical representation, Measurement of central tendency,
Dispersion measures, Co - efficient of variation.
 Permutation and Combination - Meaning, Formulae, Fundamental counting principle,
Factorial notation
 Probability - Meaning, Types- Random experiments and events, Types of events, Addition
 Basic Concepts of Algebra - Basic terms, Algebraic expressions, Types of polynomials,
Basic operations, Special products, Factorisation, Identities, Conditional identities, HCF and
 Polynomials - Meaning and types, Zeros of polynomials, Division algorithm, Remainder
factor theorem, Synthetic division theorem.
 Linear Equations - Linear equations, Simultaneous linear equations, Different methods of

 Exponents - Laws, Problems
 Quadratic Equations - Meaning and types, Different methods of solving, Descriminant,
Sum and product of roots, Formation of quadratic equation.
 Variation - Meaning ant types, Problem based on variation.
 Basic Geometrical Ideas - Basic definitions, Axioms, Postulates, Statements, Theorems
 Triangles - Meaning, Types, Properties, Construction, Area and perimeter, Heron’s
Formula, Congruent and similar triangles, Concurrent lines (centroid, in centre,
circumcentre and ortho centre)
 Quadrilaterals - Meaning, Types, Properties, Construction, Area and Perimeter, Theorems
 Polygons - Meaning, Types, properties, Theorems, Constructions, Problems
 Circles - Definition, Terms and their meaning, Cyclic quadrilaterals, Chords and tangents,
Theorems, Constructions, Area of sector.
 Mensuration - Plane figures, Solid figures, LSA and TSA of solid figures, Volume of solid
figures(cone, sphere, cylinder, frustum of cone, prisms, pyramids and combination of
 Trigonometry - Basic ratios, Identities, Standard angles, Complementary angles, Heights
and distances, Problems, Allied angles.
 Co ordinate Geometry - Ordered pair, Distance formula ,Section formula, Slope, Equation
of straight line, Slope intercept form.
 Symmetry - Definition, Line of symmetry, Point of symmetry.
 Matrices - Definitions, Types, Determinants.
 Polyhedra and Networks - Meaning and type, F+v=E+2, Nodes, area and regions, Euler
Formula, Transversable networking and conditions for transvesability
Exam Structure
Section 1 – Multiple Choice Questions
Marks – 50
Duration – 1 hour
Section 2 - Short and Long answer type questions
Marks – 100
Duration – 2 hours

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